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I’d like to be able to add events from our ticketing solution to your plugin/widget but would need a APi to have our developers code to with our API.

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I like how easy it is to style the Event Calendar widget… however i dont want to add all the events into Elfsight backend but would rather have a widget that pulls from my “Events Section” of my WordPress website (some use “Eventer Plugin”, some use “The Events Calendar Plugin”) and then i could just add the feed in Elfsight and style in and add that various places as an html widget on the website… is this possible?


@user1826 I’m so very sorry for such a late reply! Unfortunately, we’ve overlooked your question :frowning:

Am I right that you’d love to use the exact Event Calendar app that we have on our website now, but have it integrated into your WordPress website builder, so you don’t have to head to the Elfsight dashboard in order to customize your widget?

Not exactly, I don’t mind customizing the app in Elfsight web portal, it just looks like that is the place where I have to add all the new events. So I want to be able to add events in backend of wordpress (or have the end user client be able to do that) and just have this app on their website pull in the latest event, etc…

Is that possible ?

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@user1826 my apologies for the late reply!

I guess I see your point now, and it seems API support will be required to fulfil your use case. I’m afraid we don’t provide API at the moment, but I’ve transferred your suggestion to a similar request in our wishlist, and I’ll keep you updated if anything changes here :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help! Your ideas and suggestions are always very welcome, so don’t’ hesitate to share them :raised_hands:t2:


Would be great, if I could fill-up all data (incl. images) in Eventcalendar from a database application (i.E. filemaker.com) via API.


@user2420 cannot but agree that it would be really useful! I really hope that we’ll find a way to make it happen in the future :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your comment and for joining our community! It’s great to have you with us :hugs:


I can appreciate this may take a lot of backend work and may not justify the amount of users that would utilize this, but THIS is the wishlist category. :slight_smile:

If an API were developed where the user could call and get a response in structured data (JSON, XML, etc) with the ability to add parameters such as dates etc. would really make this event calendar very powerful.

As it is now, I have to maintain two event calendars because on the home page of my website, I like to show the remaining events for the current month but I also have a page with all events. You can imagine in order to accomplish this, I have to have one widget (with all my events) but settings to only show one month and another widget (again with all my events) with settings to show all events.

If a REST API existed, I could call my events with parameters such as date range and you would return all events within that date. On my website backend and frontend I would process the JSON/XML for the view. Or I could call my events with no parameters and you would return all events, etc.

Again, may be overly complex to be used my most but this is something I am searching for so that I don’t have to add the same event twice into two separate widgets. There are some event listing websites that offer this sort of thing.

Thanks for reading!

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@user3315 Dear Michael, a huge thank you for sharing your ideas and your use case, it’s really super helpful!

I totally understand your reasons, and it’s needless to say that API support would be beneficial big time for a lot of use cases.

As you noted, this is very complex and intricate functionality, which will require a lot of work and efforts, thus require a significant amount of time to make it happen, unfortunately. I personally would love to promise you that we’ll give it a go, but everything depends on our devs’ overall load.

Please don’t think that your request will fade into oblivion, we’ve created the Wishlist category specifically for you to share anything you have in mind, so all your suggestions are very much appreciated! I just decided to give you an honest reply at this point :pray:t2:

Thank you one more time for sharing your thoughts, don’t hesitate to let me know about other ideas that might come up, they really matter :slight_smile:

And yes, welcome to the community! We’re happy to have you with us :hugs:

Having API documentation for all call types would be super beneficial, specifically GET and PUT calls.
Use case:
Accessing a DB of events or third-party site events that are stored outside the widget, thus reduces or eliminates the need for manually adding events via Elfsight widget edit.
On our company community forum, we want to show a calendar with all the current and upcoming events that are from multiple sources. These sources include Salesforce, our company servers, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Utilizing the custom JS available we can write GET and PUT calls that can add and update/ display event details, but there is no publicly available API documentation.

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Happy to see you’ve decided to join us! Welcome @Mackenzie_Sheffield :wave:

I completely get where you’re coming from, and I couldn’t agree more about the API support feature– it would be a huge time-saver!

We already have such a request and I’ve moved your comment there too. We’ll keep you informed about any progress in this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, how is going this task in the backlog priority?

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Hi @Maria_Gutierrez_Rodr :wave:

Unfortunately, we haven’t got any news to share. Once we receive any updates from our dev team, we’ll immediately inform you in this thread.

Many thanks for pointing us in this direction, it’s much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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  • **I apologize if this is a dumb question, but is it possible to popular the widgets with dynamic (API) data rather than manually enter the field data? For example, let’s look at the Event Calendar Widget. **

  • Link to the page with the widget in question:

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Hi there @user10137 :wave:

This is a really nice question! Unfortunately, API isn’t supported in our Event Calendar app, but we have such a request in the Wishlist. I’ve moved your comment to the dedicated thread, where we’ll keep you informed about any changes :slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks for sharing your feedback and welcome to the Community!

Thank you for the quick reply. I think API adoption on many of the widgets would be a game-changer for Elfsight. I imagine that many devs have this on their wish list. I asusme you are using APIs to send data from your web app to the widgets, so it shouldn’t be hard to allow users to do the same…


I’m currently working on integrating the Elfisght Calendar widget into my website, and I’m facing an issue with real-time event updates. I’m looking for guidance on how to dynamically update events from an external data source without manual intervention.

If anyone has experience with implementing real-time event updates in the Elfisght Calendar widgetsplunk, I would greatly appreciate your insights. Whether you have tips, tricks, or code snippets to share, your expertise would be invaluable in helping me solve this challenge.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Thank you

Hi @Steve_Diaz :wave:

Unfortunately, API is not supported on our Event Calendar app, that’s why there is no way to dynamically update events from an external data source. I am really sorry!

We already have such a request in the Wishlist. I’ve moved your comment to the dedicated thread where we’ll post all the updates.

Thanks a bunch for pointing is in this direction, that’s much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: