All of my widgets disappeared. How can I recover them?

Hello! Longtime user here, I messed up my plans!

My pay pal account was disconnected from elfsight. I’m unable to log in due to domain issues, waiting for verification. I realized about 2 months after cancellation, that I needed to fix the paypal, and that all my apps were visible but not actually working on the all sites, pages, etc. I had 4+ websites they were installed on and several different pages and extensive form types, easily 10+ forms and several insta viewers. I came back to the account to update the email on several of the widgets since deleting some domains & remove paypal as the payment method and saw that it was no longer an active account. A page with packages popped up so I thought I could just sign up and it would be the same as before but ALL OF MY WIDGETS ARE GONE !! I canceled the new package but I’d like to see if I can get these back into my account dashboard for editing, as well as re-subscribe my canceled plans with the new payment method I just used for the package. I’m unable to find the old plans while logged in to this account, but need to find my widgets asap!

There are a few widgets through out each desktop site & the mobile versions too. I tried included more sites but it only let me include 2 on this post!

-thanks in advance!

Hello @Jessica4! We are so happy to see you with us! Welcome :heart:

I am so sorry about all the frustration caused! I see that my colleague Sofia has already contacted you in a support ticket.

Sofia has activated your widgets and advised on plans. Please check your inbox and reply to Sofia. She will be happy to assist.

Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face: