All-in-One Reviews Panel / Count Issues

I have 2 problems - and I suspect they are related.

  1. The panel no longer showing above the widget when I am logged in to the website when I am logged into Elfsight
  2. The views counter is getting updated with my own views even when I am logged in to Elfsight
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NOTE:- It seems to work ok on Chrome - but not on Firefox

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Hi @Bev, my apologies for such a delay in getting back to you! :pray:t2:

I’m truly sorry to hear about these issues, but could you please send me a link to the page with the All-in-one-reviews widget installed? I’ll be happy to check everything for you!

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On Firefox I can’t see Panel even when logged in - and visits are counting
I can see panel on Chrome - but I think visits are still being added

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Thank you, @Bev!

I’ve already passed your questions along to our developers, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I have any update.

Thank you for your patience!

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Hi @Bev, thanks for your patience!

Our developers have added a couple of corrections, could you please log in to your Elfsight account and check things one more time?

Please let me know if the issues still persist.

Issue still there on Firefox - fine on Chrome
Still counting views as well on Firefox

Thanks for your reply, @Bev!

Oh, my apologies, we’ll have another go — I’ll keep you in the loop :raised_hands:t2:

@Bev, could you please check if there are any ad blockers or other extensions enabled in your Firefox browser?

We haven’t found any issues on our end, and we have a feeling the cause of the problem is external.