Agenda Module Now Showing Up On The Website

  • Issue description: In some countries like Kazakhstan the agenda module doesn’t show up on our website

  • Link to the page with the widget in question: Program | BananaConf Tallinn

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Hi @Sander_Gansen :wave:

Could you please describe your case in more detail? What do you mean under the agenda module? A screenshot would be highly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

In the normal view, we have the agenda module here.

But for some reason today one person from Kazakhstan showed me how this just wasn’t there.

Do I understand correctly that under the agenda module you mean the whole Event Calendar widget and the person from Kazakhstan couldn’t see it on your website? It would be awesome if you could send me a screenshot of how the person from Kazakhstan saw it on your website.

Looked like this on his screen

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Thank you!

To check things and find out what’s going on, we need the person from Kazakhstan to take a screenshot of the Developer Console.

This article explains how you can do that - How to take a screenshot of the Developer Console.

Could you please ask him to share it with us?

Thank you!

I’ll check it with our devs and will get back to you a bit later :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you please ask your website visitor whether he uses any plugins or DNS filtering (router or application)? Also, we need this person to check the widget’s operation from another browser/device and with another provider.

Will do.

Got this feedback:

I use AdGuard. Checked from the phone browser, everything is working

  • Probably because of the adlocker
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Thank you!

Unfortunately, I have to inform you that it doesn’t depend on us. AdBlocker has certain algorithms responsible for blocking elements on a page. There are some criteria such as element content, element structure, element placement, a general structure of the page. So the widget could be blocked because of the two last parameters.

Your website visitor can check whether the widget is being blocked separately from your website using Share by Link option:

Just send this link to your website visitor, so that he could check if it works. In case the widget is not being blocked at this link, changing the widget’s placement of the website structure may help to fix the issue.

You can also contact your Adblocker support because it’s actually an issue on their side: they are blocking the element that should not be considered as an advertisement. I hope that they will be able to help.

Please feel free to contact me if any further assistance is needed, I’ll be delighted to help :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for looking into this!

At least we now know why some people may have the issue and know how to overcome it.

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It’s my pleasure :slightly_smiling_face: