Add support for NextDoor

Nextdoor is a powerful word of mouth application.

We would like to see an integration there

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Hi there! We have lots of reviews on the Nextdoor app. Can this app be linked for the review feed?

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@Buddy_Reynolds many thanks for your suggestion, and welcome to the Elfsight Community! :tada:

I cannot promise a fast development, unfortunately, but we’ll try to consider NextDoor reviews in our future updates, I’ll keep you posted here :slight_smile:

I appreciate the quick reply, thank you! I understand that it’s not an overnight thing, but I think it would help a lot for small businesses who have better feedback through Nextdoor over yelp due to cost. I hope it’s an included patch/update soon!

Thanks again!

It would be great to have a widget for Nextdoor reviews. Some of our clients work on homes and brought up the idea of using this platform as a source for reviews.

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@user3565 welcome to the community, happy to have you with us!

Thank you for sharing your suggestion, I’ll make sure to post an update here in case of any news :slight_smile:

Nextdoor is a popular localized (US) social platform and would simplify adding the platform on our side (and review collection).

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Many thanks for your comment, @Ray_Evans, we’ll try to consider Nextdoor reviews :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help and welcome to the community! We’re always happy to help, so don’t hesitate to ask questions or share your thoughts here :slight_smile:

This would be a great application.

Hi there :wave:

Next Door source is now available in All-in-One Reviews!

Find more info in this post - All-in-One Reviews: [Major update] Add reviews manually with a new Custom Source option + 14 new sources :fire: