Ability to add more than one API key for multiple websites [Released]

This actually applies to all widgets. I am using elfsight to deliver solutions for many customers. But what I have noted is that for each workspace in elfsight, we can only add one API key. This hinders the ability to be able to service multiple clients which essentially is the purpose of the subscription.
with Google API keys becoming an essential step to use the widgets, I think this work should be given priority.

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Thanks a lot for submitting this request!

We will do our best to pay closer attention to this feature and hopefully, our dev team will be able to implement an option for multiple API keys usage.

Thank you for your help!

Hello friends,

With the latest update, we’ve implemented an option to insert a new API key for each created widget! :tada:

To this end, you’re welcome to either use the same API key for all your widgets, or add a separate API key for each widget.