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I am testing a few “store locator” type maps for a new website and the Elfsight Google Map is one of them.

I successfully configured and added a Google Map widget on our dev website. When Trying to create a second version of the same widget I am shown the “upgrade now” page as we are obviously still using the free Lite plan.

I am a bit confused, the Lite plan mentions it can only be used on 1 website but there is no mention that only one widget (of the same type) can be added? Why is there a limit on the number of widgets?

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Hello @Geert, thank you for your message and welcome to our forum!

I have to say that we do have a limit of 1 widget on our free Lite plan, you can find this info in our article here.

I’m really sorry for the incomplete information presented on our website, I totally understand your frustration and I assure you that we’re going to correct our pricing info in the near future.

Please accept our sincere apologies for this situation one more time :pray:t2: