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I am testing a few “store locator” type maps for a new website and the Elfsight Google Map is one of them.

I successfully configured and added a Google Map widget on our dev website. When Trying to create a second version of the same widget I am shown the “upgrade now” page as we are obviously still using the free Lite plan.

I am a bit confused, the Lite plan mentions it can only be used on 1 website but there is no mention that only one widget (of the same type) can be added? Why is there a limit on the number of widgets?

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Hello @Geert, thank you for your message and welcome to our forum!

I have to say that we do have a limit of 1 widget on our free Lite plan, you can find this info in our article here.

I’m really sorry for the incomplete information presented on our website, I totally understand your frustration and I assure you that we’re going to correct our pricing info in the near future.

Please accept our sincere apologies for this situation one more time :pray:t2:

Hello, I have a question that is about the same topic.
I just want to make sure I understand the plans right :

I would like to create many google reviews widgets, each one from a different google page source and to be applied on a different website at the end.
@Helga can you confirm that the basic plan allows me to generate as many widgets as I want from different sources ? (i read about a 1000 limit, if that is right, it’s enough for me)

Thank you in advance

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Hi @user999, so great to hear that you’re going to showcase so many sources in our app!

I have to however explain, that terms for our Reviews apps are a bit different, thus they have a limit of 100 widgets to create. Unfortunately, we had to set this very limit due to technical reasons :frowning:

The good news is that we do provide an option to increase this limit within our add-on program, so if anything of this kind is needed, our Support Team will be very happy to assist.

If I can help you with anything else here, just give me a shout :slight_smile:

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Hello Helga, long time no see !
My colleague, who pays the basic plan, have reached a limit after 17 google reviews, however you said the limit would be of a 100. Did it change since ?
If he switches to the next plan (10$) what is the next limit?
Thank you and happy new year :partying_face:

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Hey there @user999 :wave:

Please let me step in for Helga!

You are right, recently we’ve introduced the new limits for our plans. We completely understand that these changes could come over as an unpleasant surprise, and we’re always happy to discuss your use case and find the best solution.

Please tell your colleague to contact our Support Team at They’ll be happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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