7 tips to enhance your Popup widget

Did you know that Elfsight Popup widget has a bunch of hidden gems?

We’ve gathered the hottest tips to help you fully leverage your widget’s performance:

How to display your popup widget on a particular page

Want to show your popup widget only on specific pages of your website? You can easily do this right in the configurator!

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How to make the popup appear by click on a certain element

Looking to have your Popup widget smoothly show up with a click on an element? We’ve got just the trick!

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How to hide your popup widget on scroll

Our customer has shared a perfect solution to hide the popup widget on scroll!

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How to set up a popup form widget

Want your form to be less intrusive and take up less space on your site? The popup form widget is the best option for you!

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Where to find your Popup submissions

Using the Form element in your Popup widget, you can easily gather sign-ups, discount grabs, or feedback from your visitors! Wondering where you can find all the submissions?

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Best ways to use popups on the website

Our customer, a pro in SEO and web design, made a cool video on smart popup use for your site!

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Customize your popups further with CSS Codes

Want to give your popup a unique touch? We have a CSS Codes category where you can find the most popular codes for your widgets.

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