Pop-Up questions: what is the best practice?

Hi, I’m not having any issues with my pop-up, but I do have 3 questions…

  1. What is the best practice on pop-ups, so that I do not irritate my website visitors, yet still show them the pop-up to nudge them towards subscribing to my blog? All of the settings options are confusing me lol. I believe once per session is enough, but maybe others have different opinions.

  2. Will the pop-up recognize if someone already took action on a pop-up (in my case, subscribed to my blog), or will it keep showing regardless, depending upon what settings I choose?

  3. If I make changes to my pop-up settings, do I need to re-install the code again on my website, or does it update automatically?


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Hi @Joe5! Welcome to Elfsight Community :heart:

  1. I guess showing once per session will be the best option if you don’t want to irritate visitors

  2. Popup will be displayed depending on the settings. You’ve chosen Show every time until I close it setting.

If your website visitor subscribes to your blog, he gets redirected to subscription form in another tab. If a visitor subscribed but didn’t close popup window, it will appear again until you close it. So, I guess, it would be better to choose Show once setting.

  1. You don’t need to reinstall the widget. All changes will be applied automatically.

If you have any other questions left, please feel free to contact us :wink:

By the way, guys, if you have any other ideas, you are very welcome to share them in this thread :raised_hands: