YouTube Gallery Doesn't See My Channel

My gallery no longer seems to see my youtube channel. The gallery stopped displaying a couple weeks ago and settings shows an error message:
‘Unfortunately an error occurred
Option “Channel” contents invalid channel or user url.’

Nothing on the site has changed, no updates or changes at the time done.
I did enable a new Google API when this happened and entered it into the plugin settings.
I do remember seeing this error in the very beginning when I had used the wrong url for my channel but once corrected, the gallery displayed fine and has for a long time. Anyone have any suggestions on what I might try or look into since I can get no response for two weeks now from the plugin author who Envato refers me to as well as Code Canyon. The author is not answering my emails. Thanks for any insight or info you might know. The gallery appears to try loading on page landing but jumps a little and left blank. The text and title above are not part of the gallery.

I did delete the gallery and created a new one since this started too.

I’ve done all I can to get it working short of closing my google account and trying to start over with a new one.

Link to display page in question: Video Gallery –

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Hi @Rusty_Buras :wave:

I am terribly sorry for such a long waiting!

I have to mention that this forum is dedicated to Elfsight cloud apps, thus we can assist with only cloud apps-related questions here.

I see that you created a support ticket, so I’ve informed my colleagues from CodeCanyon department and they’ll contact you in the nearest time.

Have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks much for your reply. They did the same thing to me on Google when I sought assistance there. I chose ‘their’ topic category of ‘YouTube’ just to be told they don’t allow YouTube threads on there. He repeatedly kept locking out my thread from any help or response from anyone. Seems I’m always in the wrong place. Everybody refers me to somewhere or someone else and I never get to any answers.

Thanks for referring a mention of me to the folks at Code Canyon who have not replied in over a week to my contact with them. YouTube won’t help. Google won’t help. Envato won’t help. Elfsight doesn’t answer and the plugin author doesn’t either. I did receive one email with a few links to the Help Section which didn’t have anything of assistance. I’ll keep chipping at it until I either solve it myself, as usual with everything, or give up on the product and its makers. Maybe I can find another good plugin somewhere, haven’t looked yet. Thanks again.

I totally understand your feelings and I am really sorry.

In the meantime, you can check our Cloud YouTube Gallery app.

I think I may have found the problem but I’m not certain. I recently moved my YouTube channel to another brand account to I need Elfsight to send me a Google 3rd party app access authorization. At present, my channel account shows no outside connected 3rd party apps. This may solve the issue of my gallery not finding my channel. When I moved the account, I lost the Elfsight app authorization for access.

Thanks, Rusty

Hi @Rusty_Buras :wave:

Do I understand you correctly that you’ve created an account at and at the moment you can’t log in to your account? Or the issue occurs with your CodeCanyon account?

Thanks for replying. How else can I explain it? Let’s see… When a person uses a 3rd party app which needs access to a YouTube channel’s content, or other online entity, it sends an access authorization to YouTube or Google which in turn asks me for the access approval. I then authorize Google or YouTube to allow the access to my content, in this case, videos and playlists on my YouTube channel. I need that access authorization from whoever is handling the YouTube Gallery plugin to send that authorization request to YouTube. This normally occurs when first installing and setting up a 3rd party app (plugin) needs access to a YouTube channel’s content. I have lost my authorization by moving the YouTube account recently to my main Brand account on YouTube.

Note: I tried reinstalling the gallery plugin from scratch in the hope that it would ask me for the authorization again but it didn’t. It only reinstalled the plugin bringing back all my previous settings and created galleries therefore it did not gain access to my channel content since my recent move of the channel caused YouTube to remove the previous authorization for access to my Youtube channel content. That’s as clear as I can think to help you understand what I’m referring to. I do appreciate your prompt replies and any efforts to assist me with this.


Looks like Code Canyon solved the problem for me entirely. It is as simple as giving them more money each month for the rest of my life. That was their answer… more money. My original purchase is no longer acknowledged so no support will be rendered. Needless to say how disappointed I am.

And I helped this company get off the ground to its success in its very beginnings. At this point, grace is all I can give you. I will say no more.

I realize why you and I couldn’t get on the same page now. I’m using the original paid version of the plugin, not the online cloud plugin offered now. Apparently they rendered my plugin inoperable in an effort to have me subscribe to their monthly plan which I didn’t know existed until now.

Dear @Rusty_Buras,

I totally understand all the frustration caused by this situation and I am really sorry about it :pensive:

As my colleague Mike has already mentioned,our Wordpress Plugins no longer comes with technical support, which is why our dev team will not be able to look into this.

So, we would recommend you to check out the free cloud-based YouTube Gallery app plan from YouTube Channel widget - Add YouTube Video Gallery to website (2023), you can try adding the link to your channel right there in the demo and the cloud-based app has got several advantages as compared to the standalone plugin:

  • It’s got more features and advanced functionality;
  • It’s much easier to install and configure;
  • All of your settings are stored on our servers, and the only thing you add to your website is the installation code, so you get no extra server load;
  • The cloud-based version is our top-priority now, so it gets more support than the standalone one;
  • If you choose a paid plan, you can install your widgets to unlimited number of websites while with CodeCanyon plugin, you can use it on one domain only.

In case you’d like to switch to our cloud apps, we’ll be happy to provide you with a corresponding discount. Just contact my Mike and he’ll be happy to assist.

Have a great day!

Thanks Max, you have a great day too. I’ve marked the thread solved. I’m sorry also for the confusion. I had no idea that Elfsight had taken the plugin out of Wordpress to operate separately from a web based platform. As I mentioned, I was still using the original plugin.

One question, since the gallery now feeds from the cloud instead of my set up plugin, do I really need the plugin installed in my site or can I remove it now and use the cloud gallery? Thanks again.

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Many thanks for your kind words :heart:

Sure thing, you can remove your plugin and use our cloud YouTube Gallery widget :slightly_smiling_face: