Write a review button for custom sources

’m sorry that you didn’t include the ability to “write a review” which we could send directly to previous customers to include here.


This really would be the perfect completion of this function. It enables full direct review functionality. I am desperate for this to be released. Once this is live, we will release Elfsight to all of our clients nationwide.


Hi @David41 :wave:

A huge thank you for providing your feedback!

It would definitely be a great addition to the widget, I hope our devs will pay attention to them in our future updates. We promise to keep you informed about any changes here :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, you are providing a great service for people…really appreciate it! best - Veryan Weston


We are doing our best to meet your expectations and we thrilled to hear such kind words :heart:

Thanks a million for your awesome feedback and welcome to the Community!

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Cannot wait for this feature to be released, this is by far the best WIX app out there for reviews in my opinion but this would really complete it! Thank you for listening!

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Greeting and welcome aboard @Three_Shires_Chimney :wave:

We’re over the moon to receive such fantastic feedback about our app. Thank you so much!

Your support means the world to us, and we would be incredibly grateful if you could take a moment to share your thoughts about our app on Wix :slightly_smiling_face:

As for the Write a Review button, we do understand that this feature would enhance the custom source option. We’ll try our best to consider this functionality in our future updates.

We’ll keep you in the loop!

Any chance your devs could provide an update on when this feature would be available? We’re evaluating this widget for our website and this is a key need for us to move forward. Thanks! @Max

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Hi there @julie_F :wave:

Unfortunately, it’s hard to give any specific timeline for this feature. I am really sorry :pensive:

We see that this request is gaining votes and hopefully, we’ll be able to implement it in one of the future updates. Rest assured, we’ll keep you informed about any progress here.

Thank you so much for pointing us in this direction!