Withdrawal amount is painding

My withdrawal amount is painding inexpro please help me

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Hi @umer_bilal, my apologies for the late reply!

You know, I’ve checked your Elfsight account and didn’t find any attempts to subscribe for a paid plan. Is it really the Elfsight subscription you have issues with, please?

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You may just deposit into my Mpesa account

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@umer_bilal @Thomas2 hello guys!

I see that you’ve got difficulties with payments, and the best way to resolve this issue is to do so via our Support channel.

My colleague from Support Team has already contacted you, @umer_bilal, and I do believe everything will be sorted soon.

@Thomas2 my college will also contact you as soon as she’s figured one moment out. Please expect an email from her within a couple of hours.

Thank you!

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