Widgets not loading on Chrome

Hi there, before I sign up to the all apps pack could I get some help, please? Currently using free versions of whatsapp chat and the all-in-one reviews which both work fine on explorer but aren’t loading on chrome? Is there an easy fix to this?

Many thanks :smiling_face:

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Greetings @Chrissie_Swain and welcome to Elfsight family :heart:

I’ve checked your website using Chrome and both widgets are displayed now:

Could you please confirm if everything is fine?

If the issue still persists, please specify the browser version and send the screenshot of the issue and a screenshot of the Developer Console.

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Hey Max,

Thanks for checking that. I’ve just switched off some extensions and that seems to have sorted the issues my end.

Great :wink:

If any other questions come up, we are always here for you.

Have a great day!

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