Why doesn't my widget show the most recent review on google?

  • **Issue description:**I have just added my reviews to my website using this widget. I just got a new review today and it isn’t being fed to my website. What should I do?

  • Link to the page with the widget in question:

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Hello there @Julie_Robinson :wave:

Our widget uses a cache system to make everything load faster and reduce the server load. So the reviews are updated every 72 hours.

I’m sorry about the long refreshment time, but unfortunately, we cannot reduce it now due to some technical restrictions. Hopefully, we will be able to overcome this hindrance in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, if it’s been more than 72 hours, and the reviews still haven’t appeared, please send over the direct link to the page with the issue. I’ll be happy to look into this for you!

Our Google reviews last updated on the 1st of Feb - FB even older. How to force an update on the All-in-one reviews?

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Hi @Nadia :wave:

I am sorry about this inconvenience!

I’ve checked your widget and found that you were using the incorrect link format for the Facebook source:


I removed Reviews from the link and all the reviews are displayed in the widget.

As for the Google source, I’ve updated it and all the reviews have been successfully collected. Please check your website and let me know if everything is fine now :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Max, much appreciated.

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No sweat :wink:

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