Where are Trustpilot reviews?

@Thibeau_Maerevoet that’s a tough call indeed, I totally understand! I, however, hope that you’ll come up with the best resolution :slight_smile:

I have shared my experience about this situation on Linkedin; for people looking to engage or more information, please feel free to reach out.

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Trustpilot is one of the biggest business review sites around but it’s included at the moment in the ALL-IN-ONE package - I think this would benefit a huge about of your users. Is this possible?
Please let me know
Jordan Guitars Ltd

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Please I need a Trustpilot reviews widget for Shopify review

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@user5301, @user5273 hi guys, happy to see you on the forum!

Unfortunately, we no longer have Trustpilot reviews in our widget, and I’m afraid we won’t revert them back. I’ve moved your requests to the thread where we explained the whole situation, so feel free to read through to see the reasons.

If you have any other questions, feel welcome to use this forum to the fullest :slight_smile:

Could you add Reviews for TrustPilot? that would be awesome.

Thank you.

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Hey Len, we would be absolutely happy to have Trustpilot reviews added to our widget, but, unfortunately, they won’t allow us :frowning:

I’ve moved your request to the topic where we discussed this matter, so feel free to have a look to understand the situation better.