When adding/editing a new event : Host & Venue quick links


This is a very tiny request, but when I start adding a new event and then have to go back to add a host/venue, it takes extra time to scroll up, go back, and scroll all the way down to add the new info, then navigate back to the event. I wonder if where you go to select your host/venue, if there could be a quick link (add new host/event) that takes you right to that panel (or a pop-up that allows you to add it, but then you’d still have to make your way over there to sort it — which I suppose that’s another request - auto sort things by alphabet).

Would save some time and going back and forth when trying to add an event.

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Hmm, cool idea @Matthew7 :+1:

Such a feature would save much time for many users, We’ll try to think about this opportunity in the future.

We’ll keep you posted here :slightly_smiling_face: