Move Add Venue/Host, Event Category button to the top; display new hosts first and collapse events

Is it possible to place the Add Button there on the top, instead of the bottom? It is so much scrolling! The new Venue / Host / Event Category should be as than first in the list, that I can place it afterwards.

Could the events be “collapsed” if necessary? Here, too, you have to scroll forever until you get to the venue, etc

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Hi @Dirk73 :wave:

  1. Do I understand correctly that you want to move the Add to Calendar button somewhere here?

  1. As for the new Venue/Host/Event Category, glad to tell you can click on the needed item and drag it to the needed position. Please check it and let me know if it helped :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Could you please describe your idea in more detail and specify how the widget should it be collapsed? Do you want it to be hidden and, for example, then to be expanded by click on the specific button?

Oh sorry for my bad explanation.
Its about: add a new venues / add a new host / add a new categorie … in the admin panel.
Because the scrolling down is a bit timewasting :grimacing: and the new venue or hist etc. Should than appear on the tip of the list, not at the end. I think That would make it easier to handle.

And the collapsing of the events could be helpful, to get faster to: Venues, Host etc. Under the Events.

Hope I could have explained it better :grimacing::grimacing::face_with_peeking_eye::face_with_peeking_eye:

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Got you @Dirk73!

Your suggestions sound reasonable, but, unfortunately, these options are not supported in the configurator.

We’ll try to take your ideas under consideration in one of our future enhancements. All the updates will be posted here :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for your input, it’s much appreciated!

It does seem like if its for creating new venues in your dashboard, that it would make more sense to be at the top of your list, instead of at the bottom.

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Hey @Dean1 and welcome to the Community :wave:

I couldn’t agree more that this adjustment would make the editing process more comfortable. We’ll try our best to consider this idea in the future.

Thanks a bunch for pointing us in this direction :slightly_smiling_face: