Video Player for live streaming (like Flow Player)

A video player like FlowPlayer for live streaming that accept the following formats: m3u8 (HLS), MP4, WebM, OGG, DASH.

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Hi Pedro,

Thank you for adding your idea!

Live Streaming widget does sound like a great option, and we’ll try our best to think in this direction in the future.

But if you come up with any details of what options and features you’d like to see in such a widget, please feel welcome to share them in the comments. It’ll be a huge help :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your contribution!

Original comment from PEDRO PEREZ transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

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Hi Pedro,

A huge thank you for this detailed comment, it’s just awesome!

Our devs have access to all the threads here, and I’m sure this info will come in really handy.

I wish I could set an ETA for such development, but what I can say for sure is that, unfortunately, we will not be able to start building a new app in the near future. I’m extremely sorry about this, but I guess it’s better to be honest.

Anyway, thank you for providing the details, I’m sure they will be extremely helpful! :pray:t2:

Good morning everyone
I twich myself and it would be great if Elfsight could put the information on a website.
I use Streamlabs Pro to stream and I get a page there that shows all the widgets that I use for Twitch, such as Game Timer preview of the recorded live videos, donation area, etc. Have a look at the page. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough technical knowledge to know what information you need? Maybe a hint, Streamlabs works with URLS that I simply load into a browser plugin in streamlabs so that it is displayed in my stream. Here are a few links:

Have a nice weekend, many greetings Dirk

Good morning Helga
No, it’s about displaying the information from Streamlabs with Elfsight widgets on a normal website. So I could show my 'stream times publicly on my website.
I hope I can explain it well enough. I’ll send you more information, I haven’t been into it that long, I’m still getting to know stream labs. But I understood that Streamlabs is an interface that connects to Twitch with the chat points that you get and can use as a visitor.

Ah, I guess I got you, thanks!

As far as I can see, Streamlabs includes not only Twitch, but other platforms as well. I see that it’s all about live-streaming, but I think Streamlabs is kind of a wider platform.

I have adjusted your idea and set as a separate suggestion, I hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

We’ll try to think in this direction, and yes, if any more details or suggestions come up, we’ll be happy to consider them all :slight_smile:

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Having the ability to stream directly to my website. this would allow more traffic and everyone going to one place. or at least have the live stream embeded to watch through website. I use streamlabs. for example

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Thanks a lot for your suggestion, @Terry_Laforge_III, and welcome to the community!

I really hope we’ll consider this idea in the future, I’ll keep you posted about all the changes here :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!