🎉 Updated: Search, Event Calendar, and Audio Player widgets

Hello there!

We’ve prepared some cool updates for our Search, Event Calendar, and Audio Player widgets: more handy features are added, and some annoying bugs are fixed!

Here’s what’s been done for this week:


New : every template now has an option to set a Placeholder:

Search- Placeholder

Event Calendar

New : ‘Get Directions’ link, which is available in the event’s popup, used to be opened in Google Maps as a starting point. Now it’s displayed as a destination:


Audio Player

Audio Player doesn’t keep playing when browsing a website now.

We removed the cache defining whether the playback is on at the moment. Hence, when reloading the page or browsing the website, the Audio Player will not continue playing unless autoplay is enabled.

The reason: if an autoplay is blocked by a particular browser (which is quite often the case), the Player’s behaviour was not intuitive. The track did not play, but the player looked like it was supposed to play. Hence, you had to press Pause button, then press Play button in order to make the widget play again.

New : Track duration data type check was added. Previously, track duration might appear incorrectly.

Bugfix : Some widgets crashed if Background Image was not added.

And thanks to our dear forum members @Aiden, @Anne, @romano97002 and @PeterCarnyx we were able to promptly fix 4 bugs! Thanks for the heads-up, folks :muscle:t2:

Guys, if you have any questions regarding the new options, please go ahead and ask! :slightly_smiling_face: