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hi twitter feed no up dating since 27th June any help?

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twitter feed not updating on wix website anyone any idea, have refreshed the code

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Hi there @user13435 :wave:

The thing is that the cache time for Twitter Feed on Free plan has been recently increased to 30 days. So next time, the widget will update on July 27.

As you might already know, Twitter as a company underwent some major changes, which affected us as well.

Unfortunately, the new Twitter API turned out to be too expensive. Our team keeps looking for ways to reduce cache time, without compromising the price of our apps.

But as we don’t have a solution yet, in order to somehow meet the cost of the app, we had to make this difficult decision. We are really sorry for all the inconvenience

If you decide to bring your cache time down to 120 hours by upgrading to a paid plan, I’d like to remind you that, we’re offering a 33% discount for any plan you choose. The coupon will be automatically applied at the checkout :slightly_smiling_face:

Please let me know if this explains things or if you have any questions left.