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When I grant offers/products to a member (typically the spouse or partner of a paying member), the individual does not go through the purchase process so they never agree to accept our terms and conditions. If I had a terms and conditions widget I could use before someone could enter their membership site - they would just agree or not agree (very similar to your age verification widget available now - in fact i tried to use that one but I can’t seem to strip out the age specific stuff). If they agree to the terms (and I would offer a link URL to my terms and conditions page) they continue through to their products landing page. If they don’t, they don’t go through.


Happy to see you on our forum @Brenda_White :wave:

This is a really cool suggestion, thanks for sharing!

I agree that the Terms & Conditions app would be a great addition to our app catalog and we’ll try to think it over in our future updates.

We’ll keep you abreast of any news in this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Brenda_White great idea! I’m an attorney and this would be a fabulous feature for someone (other than Apple) to figure out how to incorporate lol … I’d LOVE this widget!

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Hi @Brenda_White @Tamsen_Horton, many thanks for your comments and this suggestion!

I see that you’ve even tried to use our Age Verification to meet your needs, but something was missing. Could you please elaborate on what exactly is missing and what you need such a widget to be able to do?

You can either describe your use cases or name the features that need to be included — it will be super helpful to understand your idea better! :blush:

I took a look at the Age Restriction and I think it works. Thanks, I hadn’t thought to bend that one and I think it works. @Brenda_White and I know each other and both use Kajabi. I easily can add the widget because I have access to Kajabi’s code editor (Brenda does too) but I was trying to add it to a product (which is one area we’d both like it) and couldn’t do it there - totally a Kajabi issue so don’t expect you guys to fix that but if there’s someone at elfsight that has access to Kajabi and wants to play around that’s what I ran into.

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I tried to use the age restriction widget and I could not get rid of the AGE RESTRICTION piece. It only gave me a few choices and one of them was not to use that restriction. I simply want a check box where the person trying to access the site has to check it before accessing it. I have the same problem with Kajabi products as @Tamsen_Horton - but I think I can get around it with a landing page (not sure yet). If I am doing something incorrect with the age restriction widget - please let me know.

Here is my use case:

In Kajabi we have the option to GRANT people products. When my client signs up for my membership (a series of Kajabi products are granted in the process) - during the purchase cart process i force them to either agree to my terms and conditions or they must abandon their cart. So I have legal coverage during the purchase process and after.

As part of the process - we allow partners to have access to the same product suite/membership - but we have an automation process that grants them to the partner. Which means the PARTNER never agrees to the same terms and conditions that the original purchaser does. So when the partner goes in to access their product - I want a stop gap that just makes them agree to the terms and conditions before accessing the product.

I also want the ability to throw this stop sign up to ALL people in a single or all memberships - in the event that I actually change my terms and conditions. I will need them to once again agree to the terms before accessing their product.

Please let me know if you need any additional information. And thanks for jumping on this so quickly!


Hi there :wave:

@Brenda_White To remove the age restriction piece, you just need to change the text of the Yes/No buttons on the Content tab of your widget’s settings. For example:

Please check it and let me know if this option works for you :slightly_smiling_face:

If it is, please share a direct link to the page where you’d like the widget to be installed and specify the exact place where it should be added (a screenshot would be highly appreciated).

@Tamsen_Horton Could you please also send me a direct link to the page where you’d like the widget to be installed and specify the exact place where it should be added?

I’ll share the Loom I made (for Brenda and I) it worked great for me! - age restriction works in one area

and then this is me trying to troubleshoot how to do without access to the Kajabi code editor (Brenda and I both have access) but many don’t.


@Tamsen_Horton Wow, what a clever trick :star_struck:

I’m truly amazed by how you’ve transformed the Age Verification widget into a Terms & Conditions widget. Your videos and the way you explain things are excellent; you definitely have a talent for this

Thanks a million for sharing your solution with us, we really appreciate it :heart:

Thanks and you’re welcome - happy to share. I enjoy finding ways to bend the tech to find more ‘off label’ fixes from the perspective of a non-coder.