Team Showcase Groups and Subgroups

Hi Max,
I’m new to elfsight and hoping to moving our company over to its platform for certain plugins!
I’m currently building out a team showcase and I am wondering it is is possible to have subgroups within main groups. For instance, we need location and subject as main groups that smaller groups can fit under (location: florida, texas, georgia, etc.) (subject: math, english, literature, etc.).
Is this a feature that can be coded in?
Also, is there a way to have customizable buttons on the team member cards? These profiles are mentors that students can study under. For instance, in your job board plugin, there are two buttons that can be customized to learn more and apply. These would be great assets to the team showcase for our use.
Thank you

Hello @Creative2! We are extremely happy that you’ve joined our Community! Welcome to Elfsight Community :heart: :rocket:

Unfortunately, these functionalities are not supported in our app. I am really sorry :pensive:

I totally understand that these features would be really useful. Could you please add your ideas to this category of our Wishlist? We’ll gladly consider your suggestions!

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist!

Have a great day :wink: