Some widget are overlapping on mobile (bottom corner)


Some widget are overlapping on my mobile version. I have the Whats App messenger and the social share widget (floating). On mobile, both are shown as circles in right bottom corner. I can only click on whats app symbol but social share icon is hidden by it…

How to solve it? Left side is already in use of another badge, so I cannot move it to the other side…

Thank you!

It would be nice, if the bottom share icon would just show up right over the messenger sign…

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Hello Darius :wave:

I am so sorry that you’ve faced difficulties with our app :pensive:

I’ve checked your website and, unfortunately, couldn’t find Social Share buttons widget. I tried to move your WhatsApp Chat widget higher and there is no Social Share Buttons circle:

If you removed it, could you please add it back again, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a proper solution?

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Hello Max. Thank for your reply. Yes, I have removed it. But I decided to keep it removed for now. If I will have problems like this again, I will contact you! :slight_smile: I think the problem was the same with the move to top arrow as well.

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