Slider: [Major Update] New slide types, enhanced responsiveness and more! ๐Ÿš€

Fantastic news, guys!

Our amazing devs have rolled out a major update for the Slider app making it even more effective and powerful tool :rocket:

Whatโ€™s inside the update?

We've implemented an option to set the Corner Radius

Now you can add three types of slides to the widget: Slide Builder, Image Slider, Video Slider

With the Slide Builder you can:

  • set slider name

  • choose background

  • add multiple elements (Form, Badge, Button, Coupon, etc)

  • adjust slider appearance on mobile and desktop

Image Slider allows you to:

  • set slider name

  • add image and choose image effect

  • add slider link

Video Slider gives you an option to:

  • set slider name

  • add video using YouTube or Vimeo URL

  • adjust video settings (Autopay, Hide Video Controls, Mute Video)

Here is a brief overview of all slide types:

Youโ€™ve asked and weโ€™ve done :white_check_mark:

This release ticks off a bunch Wishlist requests. Here is the full list:

Guys, have you tested the new functionalities? Share your experience in the comments - we canโ€™t wait to hear your thoughts :wink:

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