Slider Background Colour and Font

Could someone create me a CSS code to change the default background colour of a Slider that won’t have an image. It’s currently very dark grey or black. I’d like the option to change the colour based on the site it’s going onto. Also, the font changes when I put it into the website. On the widget it’s a san serif font when it’s embedded it’s a serif font. My website is all Monsterrat, I’d like to be able to have all the text in the slider the same font as the website.

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Hi @Victoria_Hansen :wave:


  1. To change the background color of the slide, choose the needed slide and click Content. Then go to the Content Overlay section and set the required color:

image image

  1. Please try to use this CSS code to change the font of your widget -

Check it out and let me know if it helped :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Max, thank you that worked perfectly. Choosing Montserrat font didn’t work but the calibri did. My website is all Montserrat, but calibri looks better than the serif default font. Many thanks. Is there somewhere where there are a selection of CSS codes? Also another question you may or may not know, I notice there is Blog widget in the mill, any odea when that might be available? Not sure if you have access to that knowledge.

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Hi @Victoria_Hansen :wave:

Happy to hear that everything is fine on your end now!

We have a CSS Codes category where you can find the most popular codes for different apps (including Slider). Don’t hesitate to check it out - CSS Codes - Elfsight Community

Regarding the Blog widget, I think Helga is the right person to share some insights.

@Helga are there any updates on the Blog widget?

Hey @Victoria_Hansen @Max!

Although I don’t have any specific info regarding the release date for the Blog widget, I know that it’s currently under consideration. Frankly, there are several new widgets we’re mulling over now, which is why progress might seem slow.

But you’re most welcome to vote for the Blog widget in our Wishlist to receive all the updates and news: Blog widget :slight_smile:

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