Show prices with a corresponding currency

There should be currencys working for other countrys like europe with euros etc. If elfsight wants to go globaly they should do this for their affiliates.

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Hi there @Alexandros_Zeppos :wave:

I really like your idea, thanks a lot for sharing! I see that it would be very helpful and convenient for many users.

Could you just share how you envision this functionality? Should the prices automatically change based on their location or in some other way?

Yes, you can do it like you say plus an app working for consumers and the elfsight affiliate website would work just fine.For me its better for the website to have both elfsight origin curency plus elfsights affiliate and consumer currency.
You know best.

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Just to keep clear who owns elfsight and where he/she is located

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Like many multilingual websites you can add a dropdown menu of currencies, the country and its flag so that affiliates can adjust their location.
That would happen in the elfsight website and elfsight affiliate dashboard.
You can also create an app doing this for companies involved to use.
I would use it for my happines. I dont own a company. I am an individual. A human.

Στις Δευ 18 Σεπ 2023 στις 3:54 μ.μ., ο/η Max via Elfsight Community <> έγραψε:

Got you point!

We’ll do all our best to consider your suggestion in our future enhancements!

Thanks a bunch for your input :heart:

You’re welcome!

You should know that I am not sure
or if it is that easy or Greece law allows me to work like that due to my disability money they are giving me and frankly I don’t know or I don’t believe that I can make money with elfsight. I would do it anyway because I like what you represent and give to the people.

Στις Δευ 18 Σεπ 2023, 16:17 ο χρήστης Max via Elfsight Community <> έγραψε:


Please do not worry, our Affiliate Manager Olga will do everything possible for your success in the Affiliate Program.

She will be happy to answer any of your questions :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t want you to get tired because of me. I learnt stuff and I do art. I know it’s work and it’s done for money. I can share my knowledge and gift art for free.
Never thought to do it for money. There are so many who don’t like my work. Who should I charge? And how much? I like my art. Stores charge. It’s rumble fish. I have no place to lead others.

Στις Δευ 18 Σεπ 2023, 19:13 ο χρήστης Max via Elfsight Community <> έγραψε:

It’s been said.
If you want to lead people you have to have someplace to take them to.
I have no place.

Στις Δευ 18 Σεπ 2023, 19:30 ο χρήστης Alexandros Zeppos <> έγραψε:

Olga is Olga in Greek also.
Max comes from Maximilian witch in Greek means Maksimilianos.
Gus said that.
Eat some fruit cakes.

Στις Δευ 18 Σεπ 2023, 19:33 ο χρήστης Alexandros Zeppos <> έγραψε: