More complex Pricing Table

I hope to add widget like this

the price will be monthly or one time payment
and change the currency

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@Youssef1 thanks a lot for sharing your idea!

I see that you’d love to have a Pricing Table but a more sophisticated one, which looks really nice.

However, could you please clarify regarding the currency: do you need for it to change automatically based on the user location, or do you mean some other way?

Thank you!

i mean if want to add for example SAR this currency for saudi arabia
and dollar and other currency

yeah this price table it`d help our business to be more claridy with the value that we are published

Youssef, I guess that our current Pricing Table app could help you now as it supports SAR.

You could also set the columns to display the monthly, yearly, and one-payment plans:

Unfortunately, there is no option to display several currencies at the same time, but we have such a feature request, so feel free to vote for it here: Currency Tabs


i share with you image , that show as table with a lot of feature with ( the value of feature with prices )

and then show discount for all value of feature

this what i want to be as widget

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I guess I see your point now, Youssef, thanks a lot for the clarification!

We’ll try to consider your request, and maybe one day we’ll release a widget to support your use case :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help!