Shorts support

Please add support for YouTube short videos

Folks, our former Wishlist portal, where our users shared their requests and suggestions, was transferred to this forum. You’re most welcome to vote, add new ideas, and leave your comments here — we surely will consider them all! :star_struck:

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Thank you for adding your request!

Indeed, it would be great to display shorts along with ordinary videos, we’ll try our best to consider this feature for our future updates :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for helping us!

Original comment transferred from the previous Wishlist portal:

Hello friends!

I’m happy to say that this feature request has been added to our developers’ shortlist. I cannot name the exact date for the release, but we’ll do everything possible to roll it out as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot for your patience!

Hello folks!

I’m coming with some news regarding Shorts support: although we haven’t added a full-on support for Shorts, there is a workaround which might work for you.

If you add all Shorts to the playlist and set this playlist link in the widget Source Groups, it will work.

Friends, I’m happy to say that Shorts are now supported in your YouTube Gallery widgets! :tada:

Check the feature out and let us know if everything’s fine on your end :slight_smile: