👋🏻 Say hello and introduce yourself!

@Barbara1 Hi Barbara, I’m super happy to welcome you here, thanks a lot for joining us!

Your cats are just amazing, I rewatched your video several times cuz they are too sweet :heart_eyes: By the way, I just loved your website and the way our widgets look there, such a good fit :slight_smile:

As for the question about Mastodon, I do agree that it would be a very beneficial integration, however I’m afraid we don’t have such plans in our pipeline yet. But it would be awesome if you could add such a request in our Wishlist and describe the features you’d love to see there: New App Request - Elfsight Community

We’ll be happy to consider your ideas :slight_smile:

Thanks Helga. I m Steve. Like to discuss science and technology. Like food safety and green solutions to world challenges. Fellow community members are pleasant, from all the comment I have read
Can I ask, is it possible for the Community to assist to facilitate getting remote jobs as a Senior. Or getting a placement with a global NGO to serve as Country Director
Cheers to you all and thanks to the initiator of the platform


Hi @user1241, thanks a lot for your comment and for your warm words! I’m really happy that you love this space, as we did strive to make it a helpful place :slight_smile:

Your question regarding remote jobs sounds nice, but I’m afraid we don’t touch such points at the moment. But you’re welcome to ask the community to share their experience, perhaps they could advise something decent here :slight_smile:

Our Discussions category could be of help!

Привет это я Абай Жакияев Джими, сейчас сижу и диджею. Парочка сайтов на Ворд пресс, на симплесите. ком получилость хорошо, а на Ворд пресс столько сложностей. Хочу сделать музыкальный сайт, подскажите пожалуйста как?

@user1481 hi Abai! Really great to know that you’re building your own musical website :slight_smile:

I have to say that here at Elfsight we do not help with building your website from scratch, we help you enhance already existed websites with our super powerful widgets.

But if you need assistance with building your website, I guess you’d better find dedicated people to help you with this :slight_smile:

привет Абай! Очень приятно знать, что вы создаете свой собственный музыкальный сайт :slight_smile:

Я должна сказать, что здесь, в Elfsight, мы не помогаем создавать ваш веб-сайт с нуля, мы помогаем вам улучшить уже существующие веб-сайты с помощью наших виджетов.

Но если вам нужна помощь в создании вашего веб-сайта, я думаю, вам лучше найти специальных людей, которые помогут вам в этом :slight_smile:

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Very nice :+1:

Happy to see you on Elfsight Community forum, @Sk1, welcome! :hugs: