Sales ticket counter down one or more after ticket is purchased

I’d like to buy and insert into my payment categories to have a counter - down widget or app. Say you have 1000 tickets to sell and then you want the customer to know the current number of tickets and then once they buy x-number the tickets, the counter will show how many are left.

Do you have such product?

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Hey there @Asian_Pacific_Oakmon :wave:

Yeah, we have such a product and I see that you’ve already found it - it’s a Number Counter app!

With the External URL option, you’ll be able to automatically fetch data from the certain source:

We have a brief guide, describing how you can do this. Feel free to check it out - Number Counter: How to show dynamic real-time values in your widget

However, setting up the External URL requires specific technical knowledge. So, if you face any difficulties, please share a link to your source (a link to the page which provide the widget with the info about the number of available tickets) and our devs will gladly assist :wink: