Number Counter: How to show dynamic real-time values in your widget

Want to connect your Number Counter widget to an external data source, enabling real-time updates for the numbers? You are in the right place!

This article is your go-to guide on using the External URL feature to make it happen seamlessly :rocket:

What are the benefits?

With this option, your widget stays up-to-date by pulling live numbers directly from your database. No manual number tweaks needed – it’s that easy!

Hot to set up your External URL?

  • Create a URL that will return data in JSON format.

  • If you want the counter to start from 0, JSON has to contain only endValue (end value of the counter after the animation ends): {endValue: 100}

  • In case you want the counter to start from a specific number, make sure that JSON has startValue (start value of the counter), too: { startValue: 5,endValue: 100 }

  • The URL has to contain the data that you want to send over to the widget. So, you need to connect the URL to your source or create an algorithm that will change the numbers dynamically.

  • Once the URL is ready, paste it into the Enter URL field:


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