RSS Feed Auto Downloading Podcasts

Up until the end of May, the RSS feed widget would auto-download a podcast when someone visited my site, which was great for engagement and listeners. That seems to have stopped.

The only difference I can see is the link previews that appear in the widget, usually either the link I use in my description or Acast as default.

Would that be at fault?

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Hi there @The_Real_EFL :wave:

Thank you for waiting!

I see that my colleague has already reached out to you in a support ticket. Both me and Anna don’t fully understand the issue you’ve encountered.

Could you please elaborate on it?

Hi Max,

I have replied to your colleague, but I wonder if it is possible to hide the Preview Link from a widget? Is there some CSS code for that? It could be the issue.

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Hi @The_Real_EFL :wave:

I see that our support agent Anna has forwarded your request to the devs, so she’ll get back to you once any news comes up.

In case you’d prefer to hide the preview link, this solution should work for you - Hide preview link description

Thanks Max - that CSS code doesn’t hide the link, just the description unfortunately.

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Ah, I am so sorry!

Now, I have one suggestion why this issue might occur. There is a chance that the issue with the download functionality appeared after this update.

To check this idea, click Customize button in the Post Style section on the Post tab and disable External Links option:

Give it a try and let me know if the download functionality is restored :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Max.

I shall test it over the next few hours.

The other explanation could be that Acast have somehow tightened up on how they record downloads. The other I guess could be something to do with where my servers are hosted. Perhaps they’ve done some sort of update that prevents the automatic download.

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Thank you Max.

Sadly, that hasn’t worked. Unless your tech team can find a reason it has stopped, I’m at a loss. I am shifting one of my sites to a different host over the next week or so, in case it is something my hosting site have put on a server to stop it downloading.

I’d ask Acast, but Is suspect they might not be forthcoming, given that it is a bit of a boost to my numbers.

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Hi @The_Real_EFL :wave:

I am so sorry about it!

In this case, our devs will investigate the issue and Anna will update you in a support ticket :slightly_smiling_face: