Reviews: Enjoy new header options 🚀

Big news :fire:

We are happy to announce that the new Header options have been added to our Reviews apps!

What’s inside the update?

We've introduced a separate Header tab where you can adjust its settings

All standalone Reviews apps (except for the got 9 new header styles

All-in-One Reviews app has only the 1st header style

Tabs are now part of the header and inherit most settings from it

In badges, if both the review and the header background color is transparent, the divider will be displayed

The adaptation of headers for mobile resolutions and different widget modifications has been improved

For example, when the “Write a Review” button is disabled, the tabs and header content get centered now:

The text on the Write a Review button for specific source tabs has been changed to Review us on (source name)

We removed the font size setting for the Header and added it for the Tabs

Helpful in cases when the Header is disabled and Tabs are displayed:


Guys, what do you think about the new Header options? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments – your feedback is crucial for us :slightly_smiling_face:

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It would be awesome if you could share your feedback on these updates, guys! :blush:

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