All-in-One Reviews: A bunch of cool updates in rating

Guys, our dev team has recently made some updates to the rating in our All-in-One Reviews app. Here is what has been done:

  • Now, rating is displayed only in its native style

  • rating got Background Color and Number Color settings

  • Rating Format setting no longer affects rating

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Hey there, is there any way in the future to be able to add any site to display reviews? For example, using the Trustpilot logo and the URL that shows the reviews…or BBB (Better Business Bureau), or Sitejabber, etc.

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Hi @Micah_Schmidt and welcome to Community :tada:

There are a huge number of review sources and I’m afraid it’s hardly possible to add them all in the widget.

However, I am glad to tell you that BBB source is available in our All-in-One Reviews widget:


Unfortunately, Trustpilot and Sitejabber sources aren’t available in the widget yet.

We do have a request for Sitejabber in our Wishlist. You can for this source to get a notification upon its release.

As for the Trutspilot, would you mind sharing this idea in our Wishlist? If it receives a lot of votes, we’ll try to consider this option in our future updates :slightly_smiling_face: