🔥 All-in-One-Reviews: new review sources, a search option and other improvements!

What a great feeling it is when you have amazing news to share!

Buckle up, cuz the update for All-in-One-Reviews widget is AWESOME!

New Sources

11 long-awaited sources are already in your widget:

  • Expedia

  • ProductReview

  • Zomato

  • Lawyers.com

  • FindLaw

  • Walmart

  • Yell

  • TrustedShops

  • Angi

  • Martindale

  • ProductHunt

New Feature

Search option – now you’re welcome to type in the needed source and find it way much faster:

All-R - search

Other Improvements

  • The slash (/) at the end of the links gets removed so that all the sources work correctly.

  • Some sources do not get collected in the widget with link parameters, so they get removed automatically, too.

  • Expedia source links get converted to the right format automatically.

  • Icons for TripAdvisor and eBay were updated due to the rebranding.

Our developers were stretching themselves to implement all these enhancements to your widgets, and we do believe you’re going to like them :slightly_smiling_face:

They would be happy to hear your thoughts on this update, so don’t shy away from sharing your feedback!

We really enjoy the review widget which lets potential customers see all our previous customer reviews but having the Yell.com reviews missing was a pain, until now! :grin:

Well done and thank you! :raised_hands:


A huge thank you for this awesome comment, James!

Our devs will be elated to know that you’re happy with the new reviews source! :heart_eyes:

Hello, and thank you for this update, but still we are awaiting the only true improvement that would make everyone happy: being able to put manually any review.

Otherwise we will just await and await again and again each update to see if the one website we want to be able to connect to All-in-one-reviews has been implemented. And guess what? It will never be implemented, because our commercial activity is not mainstream (motor oils), and the website even if huge in its country is absolutely unknown elsewhere (www.sgcarmart.com).

Thanks anyway.

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Hi @user569, thank you for your comment and welcome to the forum!

My apologies for the late reply – I’ve been on holidays, but I’m happy coming back :slight_smile:

I totally understand you, moreover, we do have such a request in our wishlist. We also think it would be a huge addition to the widget, however, it really is not that easy to implement, hence such a delay.

But we do hope that our developers will be able to find a solution and include this functionality in the widget.

Meanwhile, you’re welcome to vote for this request here: Be able to manually add reviews to the | Feature Wishlist.

Thank you!