Restrict particular options, for example a time period for Date

  • A selection of dropdown options for example a dropdown from a list of countries for applicants to select from.

  • minimum requirement to whatever is added to the form like certain symbols and characters. My example would be adding the date option with my question date of birth, anyone can select yesterday and it will carry on through the form. Can we have a limit date of something of the like?

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@Sapelu thanks you very much for sharing your ideas here! And welcome to the community, we’re truly happy to have you join us :slight_smile:

I guess your second suggestion is great, I really hope we will find a solution for your use-case in one of our future updates.

But as for the dropdown option, could you please describe why the current Dropdown option doesn’t work for you? You’re very welcome to put the needed content there:

If I didn’t quite catch your idea, please elaborate on this, I’ll be happy to help :slight_smile: