Restaurant Menu content alignment

This widget doesn’t have built-in tweaks on mobile devices view…

How to align menu description to left on mobile?

Hi Pedro,

I’m sorry that the widget doesn’t have the settings you need, but I’ll try my best to help you!

Could you please send me a link to the page with the widget in question? I’ll see what we can do for your use case :raised_hands:t2:

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Hi Helga,

The issue is present when I embed the widget and view it in production / live site. Please visit this link from a mobile device and you’ll notice the alignment issue: Piña Colada PR

Also, I’ll attach some screenshot images here.

I hope this help you better identify the issue. :grinning:

Hi Pedro,

The CSS code is ready!

Could you please replace the previous code with the code below and let me know if it worked?

[class*="ItemLayoutOne__ItemLayoutOneNameContainer-sc"] {
    text-align: left;
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Hey Helga!

Finally it’s working as expected. Thank you very much for your help and collaboration with this matter. My client is now very happy with the result and he is ready to publish their project. Happy weekend! :grinning: :wave:

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That’s just awesome! Congrats on the launch and good luck with the project :wink:

Have a fantastic one!

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