Record my own podcast

Hi, Admin

I am interested in the podcast app. I want to record my own podcast, can I use your app to record feeds?

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Hello @Pharaoh! We are extremely happy to see you in our Community! Welcome :heart: :tada:

Unfortunately, there is no option to record podcasts in our app. I am really sorry :pensive:

With our Podcast player, you can display already existing podcasts.

With the way our Podcast Player works, the only format it supports is RSS. Unfortunately, the widget cannot pull the audio directly from the streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, etc.

This being said, in order to play audio content from your podcast within the widget, you need to have the RSS Feed URL to your actual podcast.

In case you don’t have an RSS Feed URL yet, you first need to upload your podcast to a hosting.

I hope this explains things.

I agree that the feature you’ve suggested could be a great addition to our app. So, I’ve moved your idea to our Wishlist.

We’ll gladly consider it in one of our future updates.

Have a great day :wink: