Razer chooses Elfsight

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We’ve got some exciting news to share :tada:

Razer, the gaming gear giant, is using Elfsight widgets to spruce up their website! This is an incredible achievement for us, and we are incredibly proud to be associated with such a sought-after brand.

Let’s take a closer look at their use-case and explore details :eyes:

All-in-One Chat on RazerStore London page

Razer website visitors can easily get in touch with RazerStore London using Elfsight’s All-in-One Chat widget, which provides the option to connect via WhatsApp or Facebook:


  • Channels - WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger

  • Position - Floating Bubble

  • Alignment - Right

Google Reviews on RazerStore London page

Customer feedback is displayed in a very neat way with the help of Google Reviews:

Layout settings:

  • Layout - Carousel

  • Columns - Auto

  • Gap - 20px

  • Content width - 900px

Social Feed on RazerStore Funan page

Razer uses Social Feed widget to showcase their news from different social media in one place:

Layout settings:

  • Layout - Slider

  • Width - Full width

  • Auto Play - Off

  • Animation - Slide

And if you noted Elfsight widgets to be used somewhere famous, do tell us (@Helga or @Max)! We’ll be happy to include your finding in the list :wink:

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Wow, that’s a great success I used Razor for my self :heart_eyes: :fire: :fire:, the gaming scene and the associated community is huge and a mega potential for Elfsight when I think of Steam, everyone has Steam^^ well certainly not everyone, but this game launcher is also a social media platform, where mi cards are traded. Crazy what is paid for Deco.

Congratulations you rock, I’ve known that for several years now :fire: :fire: :fire:

Hi @Dirk :wave:

Happy to see you here again!

A huge thank you for such an amazing feedback :heart:

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@Dirk hello again our dear friend, and thank you ever so much for your comment! We’re totally stoked to have Razer as our customer, it’s awesome to see them putting their trust in us! :slight_smile:

It seems they have a lot of admirers, which makes us even prouder now! :smile: