Question & Answer floating chatbot

Question & Answer float Bot

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Hey there @MAJID_BOOJAR_ZADEH and welcome to the Community :wave:

Cool idea, thanks for sharing it with us!

Could you please share more information about your use case? This would help us gain a deeper understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Specifically, could you provide details about your website, the questions you expect the bot to answer, and any essential features you’d like to have?

Yes, if we present a Q&A bot that appears at the bottom of our page and starts with our most related questions, it will involve our customers in a conversation and potentially an order. The website developer can guess 20 or more general questions and present the best answer. When the customer asks, the Q&A bot can find the answer with 2,3 or 4 keywords and then offer a preview if a customer clicks on the answer and continues. At the end of any explanation, let the customer ask more, and finally, if the customer is still unconvinced, refer the customer to the “Contact Us” page.

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Hi @Elahe_Kiaei :wave:

Many thanks for such a thorough comment!

Agree that such an app would be an awesome addition to our app catalog. If this request gets more votes, we’ll try to consider this opportunity in the future.

We’ll keep you posted here :wink:


A chatbot where we can set questions the visitor can click on it and get answers could be a usefull widget.

In the settings we could set categories, questions inside categories, and answers when you clic with the possibility to add a link.

we could then have a link as an option if there is no answer to open the contact webpage (or other)

(and excuse my english, this is not my native language)

thanks for reading

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Hi @GERARD_HERNANDEZ and welcome aboard :wave:

We’ve recently got a similar request for the chatbot app and I’ve moved your request to this thread. We’ll keep you abreast of any changes here :slightly_smiling_face:

Your input is highly appreciated, thank you so much!

Artificial Intelligence Chat Box - in the ever-changing service industry, this would be an incredible widget add-on

Greetings and welcome aboard :wave:

Thank you for adding your request to the Wishlist!

It would be awesome if you could describe your use case in more detail. How are you going to use this app? What functionalities are must-have?

Any additional info would be really helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

I think if it could become a widget that can respond like a live person

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Got your point!

We already have a similar request and I’ve moved your comments there. We’ll keep you informed about any changes here :wink:

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

Creation of a ‘chatbot’ option that has specific questions and answers typed in - and no live chat. Including quick answers and automated responses. Not connected to facebook/instagram/telegram/etc…

Helpful because it’s available 24/7, and can handle an unlimited number of customers at one time. Not restricted by have poeple in all timezones or the number of support agents.

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Hi @BelMetric_Web_Shop :wave:

Thank you so much for such a thorough description of your use case!

We already have a similar request on our Wishlist, and I’ve just added your request there too. You can keep an eye on all the updates right here :wink: