Provide widget insertion instructions for static html websites

There are many of us who use HTML editors to develop and maintain client websites. Included instructions for step by step insertion into a site’s HTML code (exact location, etc.) would be tremendously helpful, in addition to the many CMS tutorials you provide. We have an Elfsight support request out right now that would have been preventable if html instructions were provided in the list of options.)

(We use Adobe Dreamweaver CC, but instructions would apply to any html code editor.)

Thank you very much!

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This is a very nice note, @ComfortzonesComm, thanks a lot for sharing!

I know that we do have plans to make such an article and make things as simple as they get :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted about the progress here. Thanks a lot for your help!

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We use dreamweaver as well. To insert the code just copy the code from the “insert this code on website” box and paste it anywhere on into the html of the page. If you are having more specific difficulties, please describe and I will try to help.

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Got it, Hugh. Thanks. I pasted the code the first item inside the body tag and it works beautifully. Thank you.