Elfsight WPBakery

Hello I found an easy method to install elfsight code in WPBakery
and it does not bug the admin part of the site in WPBakery do not use WP text but use Raw HTML and the code is easy to install and does not bug the site admin

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Hello @user661 :wave:

That’s really great! Thanks a bunch for sharing your experience with us :heart_eyes:

Could you please provide a bit more details? I’ll be more than happy to share it with our team!

Just in case, we have an article that explains how to avoid this issue - Why my widget does not display in WPBakery Page Builder - Elfsight Help Center

For WordPress websites that use the WPBakery editor, it’s important to avoid installing plugins through the WordPress widgets due to a known bug. Instead, you can use plugins like Elementor or a CSS iframe. However, if you use the ElfSight code with the HTML module in WPBakery, you may encounter issues when trying to make changes to your page due to a JavaScript conflict. To avoid this, I recommend using the Raw HTML module, which will prevent any JavaScript conflicts and allow you to modify your page without any problems. I had discussed this issue with your coders, but they were unable to find a solution. Therefore, I wanted to share my solution with you.


Thanks a million for such a valuable insight :heart_eyes: I’ll share it with our dev team