Popup widget loads unwanted blank video on iphone

When you click on the reopen button on an iphone it loads a blank video, yet there is no video in the widget? http://pukproof.co.uk/socceracademy/

Hi Graham and welcome to the forum!

We’ve checked your website on our side, and it seems the widget works correctly, we could not replicate the issue with the video.

If it’s still an issue for you, could you please send me a video screencast and tell me your iPhone model? I’ll try my best to help!

Hi Helga

I have recorded a video of the issue and attached it to this email.

It is very odd. It seems to work fine on the iphone X but on an 11 and 12 the video pops up when you tap on the Reopen Button. However if you press it hard it doesn’t come up! So strange…

Please help as our client is asking why it happens and I can’t fix it.



(Attachment popup.MOV is missing)

It appears that the video I sent was rejected by your server. Do you have an email address I can send the video to via we transfer?


Hi Graham, it seems you’re right about the video, sorry about that!

Please contact me at razinkova@elfsight.com, I’ll be happy to check everything with our dev team :raised_hands:t2:

Do you have an update as the widget is still loading a video on the phone version…?



Hi Graham!

I’m very sorry, but it seems I haven’t received your email with the video - Spam folder is empty as well :frowning:

Could you please resend it at razinkova@elfsight.com one more time? It’ll try my best to help.

Hi Graham,

Thank you very much for the video, I’ve received it now, and please accept my sincere apologies for the confusion.

I’ve forwarded your request to the dev team and asked them to start working on your issue in the shortest possible time. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have any news.

Thank you for your understanding!

Hi Graham,

I’ve received the reply from the dev team, and this is what I have to say:

Unfortunately, this issue does exist, and our dev team are aware of it. We have a couple of similar cases, but at the moment we don’t have a solution to fix this behaviour.

Of course our developers are trying to find ways or at least a workaround to eliminate this issue, however, I’m afraid we haven’t come up with anything so far.

I’m extremely sorry for such a disappointing reply, I wish I could do anything for you here :frowning:

Please let me know if you have other questions or if there’s anything else I could do for you.

Hi Graham!

I guess some good news is here :slight_smile:

I’m happy to say that the issue with the video popping up on several devices has been fixed! Could you please check the widget with your client and let me know if everything’s fine on your end too?

Looking forward to your reply!