POD companies integration

Automate the product upload process performed on the pod provider page.

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@P_R_E_L I guess I got your idea, thanks a lot for sharing!

But for us to have a full understanding of your use case, could you please elaborate on it a bit? Like what features you’d expect such a widget to have?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi again, Helga!
The idea is to be able to create a widget as an integration between print-on-demand companies and Google sites, as certain e-commerce companies tend to have. To automate the product upload process carried out on the web pages of my print-on-demand providers.
For example: I upload the graph that I am going to print on the page of my provider. Once they show me the model of the product, I upload the data and the product is ready to be printed once the client places the order. The idea is that it automatically loads on my Google Sites product page, as I used to do in Shopify (I understand that they are dedicated to e-commerce. But perhaps with talents like you we could give it a productive twist).
Since in this case, in Google sites, I must load the new products one by one.
For this very reason I need to automate the product loading process, creating an integration with each print-on-demand (POD) provider. Since with the number of orders, it becomes cumbersome and that time could be optimally used in other things.

Just in case, I leave my website again so you can work on the idea in context:

Patrick from Anartism®

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Got it, many thanks, Patrick! :fire:

I assume such an integration is quite a complex task, so I cannot promise that we’ll be able to release something of this kind, but we’ll try to consider your idea at least in the future :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your contribution, it means a lot to us!