Online Event Agenda: short speak name and bio and pic

We currently use the FAQ accordion to showcase sessions for our virtual events (example here: Watercolor Live 2022 - Agenda (Watercolor Live 2022 - Agenda) ) but it would be great to have a more feature-rich event calendar that offered:

  • 1 click add to ical / google cal for whole event or for each individual session
  • timezone adjustment (auto-detect)
  • short speak name and bio and pic

Maybe something like this (attached)?

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Thanks a lot for sharing your use case and for adding your ideas!

The scenario you described does sound great, and we’ll try our best to think over the options to support it in our widget in the future.

Hi @Streamline I’ve got an updated regarding your request :slight_smile:

We’ve implemented a Fixed Time zone option in the app, so you can set it the way you need.

Feel free to learn the details and share your feedback in this thread :slight_smile: