One line of code on one website for several Elfsight apps simultaneously

Sometimes, you need more than one Elfsight app to be installed on a website. It would be great if all we did was install one line of code and were able to install several different Elfsight apps using the same one line of code and without having to install a new code for each new Elfsight app.

This would help in decreasing the loading times of a website - which is becoming increasingly important.

It would also help an agency to open up a client for more upsells to more Elfsight apps without having to ask for access to their website.

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Hi Amer,

Thank you for adding this idea!

I do see your point, however, unfortunately, this is quite a tall order and not an easy and fast one. We will try to take your request under consideration, and I really hope our dev team will be able to find a solution :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your help!

Helga, Community Manager

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Hi Amer,

I’ve consulted the developers and this is what they are suggesting:

You can install the script (first line of the installation code) only once, and when adding more widgets you can add only the HTML tag (the second line of the installation code) to the needed place on the page.

Unfortunately, this is the only possible solution we could offer as the second line of the code initializes the widget and has to be added to the website.

Please let me know if it helped or if you have other questions. I’ll be happy to assist!

I appreciate you coming back with a solution, but it is not helpful. As an agency, I am trying to avoid asking access to a customer’s website backend. For the solution you have given, I would still need to seek access to the customer’s website.

Imagine this: I install just one line of code on a client’s website and after that I could sell multiple widgets or applications from the whole Elfsight library without having to access their website backend. That would be like paradise! I could even give them a present on Valentine’s day in the form or a special popup widget to help them get more sales. I would be a star in their eyes…

I hope you get the picture.

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Thank you for your reply, Amer!

I totally understand your frustration, and I’ve had a talk with the team regarding this one more time. In theory, it is a doable case, but it will require a great deal of researches, time and efforts, which we, unfortunately, unable to allocate at present.

However, we guess that something along the lines could be done for floating widgets, and we’ll try to consider this opportunity in our future updates and releases.

I wish I had more uplifting news to share, but this is the way how things are now.

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts, it does mean a lot to us!