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I’m considering using Elfsight widgets for our website. Can Elfsight widgets seamlessly integrate new content or slides into an existing widget on our website?

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Hi @Nina_Almira_Lucero :wave:

Happy to see you with us, welcome!

Could you please specify what content exactly you’d like to display and send a direct link to your website? I’ll be happy to check things for you!

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Thank you for your response. Our website is
We want to add a widget as an added feature on the website; however, we are curious if the platform will allow us to add a new slider or content if the widget has already been added to the website.
I hope it’s making sense; actually, I wanted to know more about it, especially what comes with the package (in detail).

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Thank you!

Do I understand you correctly that you just want to have 2 Slider widgets on your website (1-st - your widget that’s already installed; 2nd - Elfsight Slider widget)? If I misunderstood you, could you please elaborate on it?

As for the All Apps Pack plan, it gives you access to all Elfsight apps (80+). If you have more specific questions regarding our pack plans, feel free to ask them away :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Nina_Almira_Lucero, happy to welcome you to our community!

I’d love to mention that our widgets will work just fine, even if you have other content or widgets installed on your website, they won’t disturb each other :slight_smile:

As for the Pack plans, Max is absolutely right: any pack plan gives access to all the widgets we have in our catalog (Slider, Instagram Feed, LinkedIn Feed, Chats, etc.).

You can choose one particular widget and start with the Free plan (which is not restricted in functionality) to test it out. You can ask any questions here, and if you like the widget, you can upgrade it any time :slight_smile:

We’re always happy to assist if any help is needed :raised_hands:t2:


Oh, great! Thank you for that, Helga and Max.
Just to answer your question, Max, yes, we already have an existing slider on our website, and we’re considering adding an Elfsight Slider widget with 5 sliders initially, let’s say. My question is whether we can seamlessly add another slider to the Elfsight widget in the future.

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Sure, you can seamlessly integrate our Slider app to your website. Everything will work perfectly fine!

If you need any assistance with the installation or any further questions come up, we are always here for you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for confirming the seamless integration of the Slider app. It’s crucial for us to ensure that we can add additional sliders or content (such as articles) to the Elfsight Slider widget in the future, beyond the initial set of sliders. This flexibility is essential for meeting our future content needs. Can you please provide more details on this capability?

This widget makes it easy to create a slider for your website with photos, interior designs, or product images. No coding skills are required. Just upload your images or videos from your device or a URL. You can also personalize the slider with arrows, pagination, or thumbnails.

To select an image or video for your slider, go to the Slides tab:

In the Content section of the Slides tab, you’ll discover various layout options. Here, you can set the slider’s title, text, badge media, and button.

In the Settings tab, you can choose the pagination style and placement, control arrows, add swipe navigation, enable Auto Slide, and adjust the width and height as needed:

Furthermore, you have the option to enhance your widget’s appearance by adding custom code to the Custom CSS field in the Advanced tab.


Feel free to test it out :raised_hands:

Also, you’ve mentioned that you want to add articles. We’d like to let you know that we have RSS Feed widget that may be the right option :slightly_smiling_face:

If any further questions come up, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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Thank you for mentioning that! We’re thrilled to hear that adding additional sliders beyond the initial set is possible through the RSS Feed. This flexibility is great news for us.

Regarding our goals for a seamless user experience, we’re also curious about the possibility of adding clickable links or backlinks to each individual slider within the Widgetic Slider widget. Our aim is to ensure that visitors can easily click on a slider and be directed to a dedicated landing page for the full article or more information.

We would appreciate any information or guidance on how to implement this feature if it is available.

Nina Almira Lucero

To make things clear, I’d like mention that RSS Feed and Slider are two different apps. RSS Feed is a widget allowing you to display news feed on your website using RSS links.

As for the Slider, you can make it clickable by adding a link to the Link field:

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I’d like to know more about the RSS Feed. Do you assist in creating the widget and the like? Thank you.

I would like to seek confirmation from ElfSight regarding the possibility of adding additional slides to the widget beyond the initial set of sliders in the future. Our intention is to subscribe to your service, create a widget using our existing published articles, and subsequently incorporate new articles and blogs into the widget as they are published.

Clarification on this capability is crucial for us to proceed with confidence. Your assistance in confirming this feature would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Hi @Nina_Almira_Lucero, my apologies for the late reply, it seems we’re in different time zones :slight_smile:

I’m really happy to see your interest in our service! I’ll do my best to explain things and how our widgets work.

First, you absolutely can edit widgets after installing them on your website, i.e. you can add more content if you need, all the changes will be applied to your widget automatically. I’ve checked your website one more time and it seems now I understand your use case: you publish articles on your website and then you need to add the links to those articles to the Slider widget, is it correct?

If so, our Slider widget absolutely supports this option :slight_smile:

I’ve made a quick video screencast for you where I tried to replicate your use case, please have a look:

Besides, you’re most welcome to test the Slider widget yourself and see it in action here: Elfsight Slider Widget.

Please let me know if it clarified things and if you have any other questions :slight_smile:


Hi Helga,

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for your prompt and detailed response.

Thank you for confirming my question regarding the capability to add additional sliders to the Elfsight Slider widget. Your explanation was very clear, and it’s reassuring to know that this is possible.

I’ll definitely take some time to explore and learn how to edit the widget effectively. Your video screencast is incredibly helpful, and I’m looking forward to seeing it in action.

Should any further questions or requirements arise, I’ll reach out again. Your support is invaluable.

Thanks once again, Helga and Max!

Best regards,
Nina Almira Lucero

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Nina, I’m so happy that my explanation helped, thank you so much for your warm words! :heart_eyes:

I do hope you’ll find our Slider widget a good fit for you and yes, we’re always here to give you a hand :slight_smile:

Have a great user experience!

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