Content Management Widget

I just looked at the upcoming app list, it’s great! What I was wondering, if there was a widget/app to just publish content/posts/blogs, we could create with just a simple design template and a collection of elfsight widgets, a great blog site, including a shop and payments. So here’s my suggestion for a ‘Content Management Post/Page app/widget’.

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@Jos many thanks for your suggestion and for all the details provided!

Am I right that you’d love to have so to say ‘a master’ widget which could support adding both other Elfsight widgets and any other content?

Hi @Helga That would be an option also.

I was thinking about the following scenarios. We, and many other companies have the need for small websites/landing pages, for example for campaigns or product launches.

We now have to build a full WordPress website with let’s say 25 plugins and editors with lots of functions we don’t need. Because I see that Elfsight has already many small widgets (we use currently 10 different ones) and I see a great list of upcoming widgets, there can be another way.

For example, we create a plain out of the box WordPress website with just one page. We can then populate this page with Elfsight widgets. But it would be greate to have some basic content management functions.

Next step would not to use WordPress at all but just a single HTML page. WordPress has overhead, databases, etc) and there’s always a security aspect and backend management (updating WordPress, PHP, Themes, plugins, etc). An HTML page with Elfsight widgets would be much more effective.

In the second scenario it would be great to have some content management functions to create an additional post/page with a basic editor, just as the one where I now put in this message. Nothing fancy. This goed to the scenarion that you described.

I hope this makes sense and gives you some ideas. I think your widgets are great and I’m looking forward to new widgets from your roadmap. Something like this would open up a new clientele for you, I think.


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Hi Jos, a huge thank you for your time and for such a thorough comment! I guess I see your way of thinking!

I agree that this kind of page management could simplify things big time, and I really hope we’ll be able to give your idea a thought. I’m afraid I cannot set an ETA for this to happen, but I’ll make to update you in case of any news.

Many thanks for your help one more time, it’s much appreciated! :raised_hands:t2: