oEmbed integration

Many CMS platforms do not allow embedded iFrame code. However: There is something called the OEmbed standard. https://oembed.com/

For example, this oEmbed standard is used by many podcasting platforms to allow embedding of their player on platforms like Medium, Wordpress, Drupal etc. there are 287 platforms that offer oEmbed, including Twitter, Flickr and other major platforms.

For us the business use case is that we use a content syndication platform called StoryChief, which distributes content to multiple other blogs. Here too, we cannot embed iframes, but they do support oEmbed. This means that in the end we cannot use ElfSight on the majority of platforms we work with as an agency.

For you the business use case is that by supporting oEmbed you would massively increase the potential platforms that can utilize ElfSight.

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