"No right click" app:

We need a “No Right Click” App: for all pages. Sort it out! ; o P
Hugs n’ stuff. Mark.
https://weddingstars.top/ x

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Hi @Mark_Stapleton :wave:

Could you please describe your idea in more detail? What features should be added to this app and how should it work?

You know when you want protect content, mainly images, if someone right clicks to download, it displays a no can do pop up instead. Copyright protection widget - Free & Works on Any Website

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Oh, I got your point!

This is a really cool idea and we’ll try to think it over in our future updates.

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us :heart:

just add this code :

    // JavaScript code to disable right-clicking
    document.addEventListener('contextmenu', function (e) {

Wow, thanks a lot for sharing, @iSHUSHL! :fire:

And we’re very happy to have you join our community, hope to see you around! :slight_smile:

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